In today’s business, we know that EVERY cent counts. So by taking steps to reduce your overhead is always a worthwhile endeavor. Switching to a more cost-effective and better ambient solution sounds good, right? Of course, it does! If your building, office, restaurant, bar or facility is outdated now is the time to make the switch! We have here some helpful tips to get you started on a brighter, more profitable future with Abstract Lighting LLC!

Make the switch to LED light technology!

The first step to consider when comparing LED lighting sources is their essential usage. LED light bulbs are directional by nature. Therefore, they perform effectively in areas that require ambient illumination around ones home, office, bar, restaurant, business etc. As such, our customers may choose this type of lighting for areas of the bathroom, hallways, kitchen, bar, walkways, landscape lighting, building lighting, and pool lighting. Some common LED fixtures that can work well with this technology include the following:

Sconce Lighting
Spot Lights
Decorative Lighting
Accent Lighting
Recessed Lighting
Security Lighting

You can choose an appropriate lighting source from the above options, and let us decide where the BEST placement should be! We are a full service, custom lighting company. Which means, from start to finish, we take care of it ALL. You choose the fixtures, color and placement and we will give our professional opinion on what would be best for your purchase!

If you have ANY questions about custom lighting for your home, office, pool or landscape please give us a call OR email any time!