As a lot of you may know, we’re Arizona’s #1 landscape lighting company. BUT, did you know we’re also #1 in custom, bar lighting?

I must say, doing creative, bar lighting in Arizona bar’s & homes has to be one of the most rewarding jobs we do. (aside from the look on customers face’s’ once our job is complete).

Here we have a bar that everyone in the area will want to be at on a Friday or Saturday evening! We selected a variety of lighting concepts that came together creating a warm, cool and clean feel. The Glacier blue LED light surrounds the perimeter of the bar and serves to contrast against the warm hues of the wood floor!

Bar lighting is a thing of the future and everyone is doing it. If you’re looking to attract customers to your Arizona bar or restaurant, you must consider custom light work. It creates an atmosphere of pure sophistication and elegance, not to mention class. While you’re entrees and drinks may be suited for the well-off and upper-class society, if you’re ambiance isn’t then you could be losing business!

This modest, outdoor deck is truly a delight! We see this as being a focal point in any number of chilly, fall nights with a few family members or friends! The orange LED lights we selected to cast a “campfire” like glow inviting you in like moths to a flame! Simply gorgeous.

Here we have a compact, clean and creative lighting design. This is a small, at-home corner bar that has it all and is really brought together by clever lighting designs! Utilizing two hanging light fixtures, the real ambiance is created by the false wall behind the bar. Behind the false wall, fluorescent lights emanate a glow that highlights the bar area without any harsh, directional lighting.

Ok, welcome to the future! This bar seems to be straight out of any Sci-Fi movie you may have seen before. But it exists today as a brilliant example of integrating lighting into architecture!

If you are interested in learning more to turn your bar into a thing of pure beauty, CONTACT US!