We have this upcoming winter season. The weather is changing, and  we get to enjoy time outside here in Arizona. A backyard brought to life can be  the conversation starter of the year. So in the spirit of making the most of an Arizona winter, here are five ways to bring your backyard to life this winter.


  1. Adding Green- Especially in Arizona, we don’t see a lot of green in our yards. Between the dead grass and the rocks, yards can tend to get a little bit bland.. One good way to add a little bit of spark is some greenery. This could be a patch of grass or maybe some plants, flowers, or a garden bed. . Now there are many options when it comes down to it. For grass, you have your classic plant grass. You get to enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass and feel the earth on your feet, or you have the wonderful option of turf. Clean cut lines and green all the time, turf is a safe bet
  2. Rock Features – If you’re not interested in the maintenance of grass or flowers,  another option is taking a look at rock features. One cool thing about rocks is that they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors;  endless possibilities when it comes to putting in rock. By adding a few boulders, your flat yard turns into a textured masterpiece. 
  3. Patio – Do you enjoy relaxing in the evenings on your patio?  One way to bring some life into your yard is through furniture. If you don’t have any furniture, it may just be the last piece to pull your amazing yard together. What about if you already have furniture though? Consider purchasing some new cushions, or adding some bright colored pillows. . Being outside, they can become dirty and may get to the point where you can’t get them back to a fresh state. 
  4. Games – A backyard game could be the perfect fit to bring your backyard to life. We are in some cooler months now, meaning we are spending some more time enjoying some fresh air. A nice game of corn hole or even a mini volleyball game might just do the trick. Either way, an outdoor game is a perfect way to add some life to your yard.
  5. Lighting – You are in your perfect backyard but it starts to get dark. What do you do? Of course you turn on the lights, but what if they are not bright enough? Adding some updated lighting is a perfect way to add life to your backyard. By replacing your old dim lighting with new bright lights, you will now be able to enjoy your perfect backyard late into the night. You’ll also be able to show off how cool your yard is by keeping your patio, plants, and even pool lit up. Professional landscape lights can change the entire look and feel of your backyard. 


If you’re interested in learning more about landscape lightings, or what we can do for you, please a free consultation.