As homeowners, we strive to make our house unique! Many often do this with different types of plants, sculptures, paint, AND landscape lighting!

But, there’s often an aspect of landscape lighting that is overlooked, and that is placed. At Abstract Lighting, we spend the time to properly place your lighting so that when night falls, it looks PERFECT. We often double and triple check your landscape lighting at night (when it’s most noticed).

1. Abstract Lighting does NOT use low-quality equipment. We’ve seen it time and time again when a homeowner will want to try out solar lights and use them sparsely. These types of lamps burn out quickly (the panel & bulb) and usually aren’t placed correctly. We utilize only the best equipment giving you (the homeowner) a piece of mind when having us install your dreamscape!

2. Abstract Lighting knows the, “must haves” when considering placement on your lighting. When lighting your area, we will make sure that the following areas are lit correctly and beautifully-

– Trees
– Patios
– Driveways
– Pathways & Entryways
– Steps
– Pools
– Spas
– Bars
– Overhead

3. Abstract Lighting typically ONLY utilizes LED light technology for your project’s’. While considering lighting there are two major choices, LED and Halogen. Choosing LED for your landscape lighting is the best option for your dollar. While typically lasting up to 100,000 hours, LED landscape lighting makes it the #1 choice for your project. Another advantage would be the durability, a lot of times we see that landscape companies don’t see the lights we install and they will kick them over. This isn’t a concern as stated above, we only use the best products out! 99% of the time we will just need to adjust the bulb to its former state.

4. Abstract Lighting always avoids “Light Pollution”. A lot of the times, lower end lighting companies will create a bunch of light pollution that shines into peoples eyes, shines into your neighbor’s yard OR windows and sometimes using TOO much light that washes out the night sky. Abstract Lighting has the utmost attention to detail and will ALWAYS have your yard looking the BEST in your neighborhood.

5. Abstract Lighting can show you AND plan out how your yard will look before 1 bulb is installed! With many years experience in the landscape lighting industry, we’ve seen it all! That being said, we take the time to talk with you about what you want while giving advice and expert opinions! This guarantees your project will exceed your expectations!

If you’re interested in learning more about ANY sort of custom landscape lighting, please CONTACT US!